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If you enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing casual games for money, you've come to the right place. is dedicated to finding the best cash games available online today.

We bring you cash games that are fun and fast, look great, sound cool, and work properly.

Playing skill games with others over the Internet is one of the hottest trends on the Net today. Several websites let you play a variety of casual games online, while others focus on specific kinds of games and build up a repertoire around their chosen field.

Some of the most loved Cash Games:

Trivia games, Virtual Golf, Backgammon, Rummy, Poker, Cribbage, Chess, Checkers, Canasta, Mahjong, Dominoes, Darts, Pool, Bowling, and several classic computer games like solitaire, bejeweled etc.

Some games are set up like single player tournaments in which you play cash games on your own, and you win or earn prizes according to your ranking with all the other people who have played the same game. The best way to play cash games though, with the most excitement and thrills, is a multi-player game in which you take on other players head to head. The amount of players you play with can vary according to the game - for example in online poker you can play with several other players, but in online chess or online backgammon, you are limited by the game rules to playing with just one additional player.

Even in these games though, a good cash games site will offer multi-staged tournaments in which you play with one opponent and if you win, proceed to the next level - playing with another opponent who also won in the first round. This way the prizes can build to be more substantial, and of course the satisfaction grows too!

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